Books Authored By Smt.Leela Venkataraman
Indian Classical Dance : Tradition in Transition – published by Roli Books. The book has had several reprints.
A small book on “The Dancing Phenomenon: Birju Maharaj” in Know the Masters series of Roly Books
Step by Step Bharatanatyam – published by the Ghulam Naqshband Trust
A book on Dances of India for children published by the Children’s Book Trust. This has gone into a second edition and is very popular amongst children

Her latest book facilitated by a senior fellowship granted by the Central Ministry of Cultural Affairs, looks at Indian Classical Dance from Renaissance to now. The last sixty to seventy years ,have seen changes in artist and audience perceptions and in teacher/taught relationships. The book also looks at sponsorship patterns. Published by Neogi Publishers, the book is ready for release..

A book commissioned by the Doordarshan has been recently published, pertaining to the history and presentation of Bharatanatyam based on special films and serials made for the Doordarshn by different dancers and agencies starting from the thirteen Natya Sastra episodes by Padma Subrahmanyam, the fifteen episodes on the metaphysics of Bharatanatyam made by Periya Sharada of Kalakshetra and seven episodes by Sudharani Raghupathy. The book has been considered worthy of a Hindi translation of the same.

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