About Smt.Leela Venkataraman

As a scholar, historian and commentator on the Indian dance, Leela Venkataraman has been involved in dance critiquing for thirty years, writing for several journals. A Chatterjee Cup gold medalist from Ajmer Government College, and a Wordsworth scholarship holder from Bombay University in her intermediate, Leela Venkataraman had a brilliant academic career. A free lance writer for years, she began her dance journalism with the National Herald, a Delhi daily in the year 1980. Later as the dance columnist for the Patriot, her writings were a regular feature for over three years.




  The fourth edition of Puducherry Sri Geetagovinda Pratisthan’s ‘Nritya Bharati’ festival curated by Dr.Subas Pani and held at the Kamani, was unique in interpretative dance riding over pure dance and nritta virtuosity. And for an event which initially projected dance expressions based on the poetry of Jayadeva alone, this year’s event noticeably was bereft of any Gita Govinda concern. Also, when group presentations are the toast of the audience, this festival, happily still retains its solo status.

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